Behind Design

I have always thought that design is not only an artful, beatifying, whimsical thing, but an indication of the creator's care and thoughtfulness. It reveals intent, forethought, and in many ways joy. Design invites others into the creator's joy.

It was said that "out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks," whatever is in your heart will eventually come out of your mouth, whether good or bad. I believe this truth to be synonymous with good design. Out of the overflow of the heart comes great design. You will know the tree by its fruit. 

Often when people view buildings they look to give the design credit to the architect or builder. But as your eye moves away from seeing the forest, and the individual trees come into focus, it becomes evident that there were a host of creators. Every detail executed was done so by an individual. Each mason, carpenter, painter, roofer, electrician, plumber are themselves also purveyors of their own joy. The job of Matrka  is to assemble those like-minded creators and to encourage forethought, care, and thoughtfulness behind design.